Surf, Soul, Slide

Do you prefer vintage over this year's model? Timeless, classic designs over mass-produced pop-outs from the big-box store? Are you looking for a board with a little heart and soul?
Have you been looking for a board shaped by real surfers? In real materials?
Are you ready for a surfboard that wasn't popped out of a mold in Thailand?

Are you ready for something with a bit of heritage?

Something built by real surfers surrounded by woodchips, sawdust, and heavy steel tools?
Are you ready to ride something with the speed and glide of a freight train?
Are you interested in something a little prettier than a chunk of styrofoam covered in bondo and spray paint?
If a little bit of culture, tradition, speed and beauty sound good, come on in!

Welcome to our woodshop!

Lars and the 42 Crew


Bruce Bad Trip said...

WOW, gorgeous boards! Check us out maybe we can x links? We're at
Thanks Lars, GREAT work

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Portugal!

Nice boards, wonderful work!

Where are you, Santa? ;)

Dan D - Surfboards Sale said...

Sweet all wood boards. You never see them around here. I'm jealous!

best of waves, D

Anonymous said...

I totally support that! Continue that way!

Jeroen said...

Hello 42 crew

Can't stop looking at your site every once in a while.
I started making my first wooden surfboard outhere in Vanuatu(South Pacific). Melek tree is the lightest wood I could find here.It's from the same family as balsawood, a local grown tree here.
My tools are limited but I have time.
I don't have any clamps so I drilled 4 holes trough the boards(12)and clamp it with rods,washer and nut.Shaped the bottom and top and drilled holes in the boards to make it lighter.
I bought epoxy glue today and about to glue the boards together and clamp with the dowels.After drying and replacing the metal dowels with wooden ones.After all that the jigsaw comes in for the shape and then sanding the edges.
My question is will it be strong enough and do I have to epoxy it or is varnishing enough??